My name is Richard Mazzacca. I live in New Jersey in the
United States of America. I am married, I have four incredible
children and six wonderful grandchildren. My Mother is the
matriarch of my extended family of four brothers a sister and
thirty nieces and nephews.

I worked all of my adult life as an engineer in the video
production and television broadcast industry. I have worked for
two major television networks and, more recently, for two
independent production companies. My career has spanned fifty
years and was formed on a very solid foundation. Those years were
very enjoyable, fulfilling and essential to the growth and
development of my very high standard of work ethics – a standard
I am most proud of.

However, as loyal and dedicated to each of my employers as I
have been, there has always been an unquenchable and nagging
desire to own my own business and be my own boss. Over the years
I have searched and attempted several business ventures – some
that turned out to be not quite as expected and some complete
failures. Each was a learning experience and a disappointment but
I never lost the strong desire or gave up the search.

2020 and Covid-19 hits the United States!

  • layed off from my full time job
  • out of work for 7 months
  • three days a week job recall
  • two days pay partially replaced with a part-time job
  • 60 hour work weeks

Motivation for the security of online income and complete
self-reliance kicks into high gear!

My search leads me to John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success”
program. I was immediately impressed by the content, format and,
of course, the instructor. I have searched, investigated and
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