The year began just about as normally as every other year in the
past but, ended up being among the most memorable of my lifetime.
In January, news of a new Corona virus spreading throughout the
entire world is released.

By March, the response to the Covid 19
pandemic forces unprecedented worldwide “lockdowns”.

The lives of countless people all over the world will be deeply
affected forever. The number of lives lost mounts into the
millions. Those fortunate to survive will suffer lingering
effects for years to come and the grief of family and friends is

Financial and social “normalcy” in the lives of most people of
the world no longer exists. The lockdowns put many millions of
people out of work and the economies of many of the countries of
the world incur record losses.


I was fortunate to remain healthy physically throughout the
entire year. However, my financial situation took a tremendous
hit and still has not recovered. In March I was laid off from my
full time job. I had previously worked full time continuously for
more than fifty years. For the first time in my adult life, I was
unemployed and was forced to rely totally on state unemployment

The realization hit me just how vulnerable I was and how
there really was no true security working for somebody else.

I remained unemployed until September, at which
time I was called back to work but, for only three
days a week. No longer eligible for unemployment
benefits, I was forced to take on a part time job in
addition to the three days a week at my regular job
just to help to make ends meet. Sixty hour work weeks
have become the new normal for me.

For many years I had researched and attempted several times to
make my dream become a reality; to start and own my own business.

I had to be my own boss and to be in total control of my
financial future. The seven month layoff was the low point of my
employment history but it also provided the additional motivation
and the “free” time needed for intense research to finally make
my dream come true.

I came to realize that the missing links that were needed for
success. First and foremost, I had to completely stop purchasing
the latest “shiny new object” and secondly, I needed a mentor
with long term experience and proven success. I needed someone
who could coach and lead me to the goals I felt I had to achieve.

I was determined as never before that there would be no more

This was a challenge that was not going to be easy. I had to be
willing to make the financial and time commitment that was going
to be required. There were no other options left and my mind was
made up. I made a complete mindset change. I was not going to be
distracted. I was going to use my really good work ethic and
focus like a laser beam on just one thing.

My search led me to a program that was exactly what I was looking
for with the perfect instructor – Partnership to Success taught
by John Thornhill. This is not a cheap or easy solution. Success
hardly ever is. However, if you are serious about building and
owning your own long-lasting online business and want to avoid
years of failure and frustration in the process, then I highly
recommend John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success.

2020 is finally over and wishing all of you the very best in 2021


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Ultimately, your future is in your hands. “Explore, Learn and Advance” with the very Best! Combine John Thornhill’s teaching methods with consistent hard work and you will succeed!

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