The Goal

My goal for the last several years has been to quit my full-time job and to build an online business. It had to be a proven successful business that I could run on my terms from anywhere in the world using just a laptop and the internet.

In order to accomplish this, several objectives had to be reached; one or more income streams had to be created, bank accounts had to be sufficiently funded to insure available capital as needed and finally, I had to have long-term and consistent proof that my business was successful and sustainable. Obviously, these were challenging objectives but, none that could be compromised. I was not in a position, at this point in my life, to be able to recover from a business venture that failed.

I had to be absolutely convinced that success was certain.


The Journey

The journey begins about six years ago and is probably very similar to thousands of others searching for additional income and online success.

Google searches start the process. One path leads to another, then another and another. It becomes obvious that the possibilities are endless. I narrowed my search down into the main categories of online marketing I might consider; selling physical products, selling digital products, a local agency and affiliate marketing.


The Investigation

As I investigated each possibility, I came to realize that I have got a lot to learn and I begin to purchase courses required to fill that deficiency.

Next, in order to become more efficient, “tools” are needed and more purchases are made. Attempts are made at each of the categories in an effort to determine if what is required to become successful is practical and enjoyable for me. One by one, categories are eliminated. Days turn into months and months into years. As each year passes, I get another year older. Time is running out and expenses increase. Frustration and disappointment are a constant challenge to overcome. However, I am determined and I will not give up until I achieve my goal. I searched, investigated and experienced each of the categories.

The process was difficult, time consuming and expensive but one that I know will prove to be very rewarding and well worth the effort.


The Choice

So, what did I finally choose as the category that “ticked” all the boxes?

Well, it turns out that none of the ones listed above. The path that I chose is product creation. Actually, I believe that I will be combining both product creation and affiliate marketing – I feel that they are both somewhat related.

I came to the conclusion I did because of one man – John Thornhill. I am certain that, in time, I will be calling John my mentor and the man most responsible for any and all success I am fortunate enough to achieve. After having gone through almost six years of setbacks and failures, I know that, with John’s help and guidance, I am finally on the right path to the success I crave. You can be too!
Click here to find out how.

Feel free to comment below and let us know what hack is your favorite.


Ultimately, your future is in your hands. “Explore, Learn and Advance” with the very Best! Combine John Thornhill’s teaching methods with consistent hard work and you will succeed!

    4 replies to "My Quest for The Ultimate Internet Marketing Lifestyle… What Path Would You Choose?"

    • Matt Ward

      Life is a journey and you are certainly on one! I hope your chosen path is successful- I am sure it will be.

      • richardmazzacca

        Thanks Matt – hope your life’s journey is a successful one also! Sorry I haven’t replied sooner – things are just settling down a bit.

    • Debi Kirk

      Richard, your story really resonates with me. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you every success.

      • richardmazzacca

        Hi Debi – you’re very welcome! Wishing you every success also and hoping 2021 is a big improvement over 2020!

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